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Our mission is to design, facilitate and implement educational, social, cultural, environmental, health, infrastructural and other programming that enriches, supports, and serves individuals, communities and institutions in the U.S. and abroad.


Through education, research, cultural programming and direct service, we create spaces for learning, problem solving and community building. Through focusing on bridge building as a means to foster unity, we work to establish long term relationships which foster and support meaningful programming which creates solutions, brings people together, celebrates culture, serves, educates, edifies and more through cooperation, communication and resource sharing.

Globally focused with a special commitment to Africa and its diaspora, DuniaForé is dedicated to developing initiatives that positively impact the communities and individuals with whom we work.

We are committed to tightening the fabric of the Diasporan and global village through research, education, exchange and service in the hopes that transformative experiences will inspire those we touch to in turn positively transform the our communities and eventually the world.

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DuniaForé is committed to the ideal of respect for people’s humanity and dignity in all its work. We are an organization of people reaching people-of equals coming together to create opportunities for all involved.


DuniaForé is committed to always being in a position where we are open to learning more about the environments and people with whom we work.


We are partners with the people with whom we work. Our aim is to work together helping each other achieve our common goals.

Quality over Quantity

DuniaForé strives to provide high quality programming that has an impact. To that purpose, we aim not necessarily to have dozens of programs running at a time, but to have the programs that we do have running, running optimally.

Your donations make our vision a reality.

Consulting, Programming Development, and Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in developing programming DuniaForé will consult with you to create programming that fits with your organization’s mission and goals. Outside of assisting you in conceptualizing, organizing and planning your initiative, DuniaForé can be involved in implementation according to your needs or preferences. We are also available for public speaking engagements on topics relevant to our work. Please contact us to make an inquiry for these services.


Borne of our director’s anthropological work in history and culture, our “Living Roots” is an initiative wherein we focus our attention on the lived traditions of Africa and the African diaspora. Our aim is to document and to provide accurate, trustworthy information on these traditions, to make a meaningful contribution to scholarship on, research into, education about and representation and documentation of Africana traditions and their culture keepers .


Ojú Isèsè or “The Face of the Tradition” is a series of 15 short documentaries on the contemporary orisa tradition as it exists in Osogbo, Nigeria.